black and white picture of me in a dragon pond

J. Pedro Arouca

Architect, programmer, and sysadmin and data engineer with a passion for technology and programming. I try to make cblol and wayland suck less.


watching or play competitive lol, programming (xD duh!) stuffs for wayland (mostly rewrite apps from x11), linux ricing/sisyphus cursed (same thing).

Strongest Areas of Knowledge

Javascript (vanilla, Node, jQuery, Meta/Vercel React), PHP (Laravel), Git, CSS, HTML, Linux

Projects I'm Proud Of


Note: Some of these positions overlapped when freelancing.

  • Calix Systems

    Freelance Developer, Tenure: 8 months

  • Accenture

    Developer, Tenure: 2 years

  • IBM: International Business Machine

    Developer, Tenure: 1 year

  • Frontend Internship

    Internship, Tenure: 6 months